Shapes & Sizes.

"My weight, or any other person's weight shouldn't be any of your concern."


Small Victories.

"The very idea behind 'small victories' is to make sure that you take a shot at being happy."

Rock Bottom.

"The fact that you're reading this right now means that you held on to that one tiny positive thing in your life."

Speak Up.

"How much more can a person take before he finally starts to push back?"

Time-Out. For 5 Minutes.

"Don't be so hard on yourself! Everything has a certain limit, and so do you."

Damsel In Distress? NOT.

"You alone are enough to bring the walls of carefully built kingdoms crumbling down."

Be (You)nique.

"Never feel overshadowed because you are a stand-out, more than anybody else." 

Unapologetically You.

"There is no shame in being who you are."

You Made It!

"Another day has gone by and no matter how many times you felt like giving up today, you didn't."

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