Why I Maintain A Journal.

I don't write my diary because I want to open it some day and look back at life, I do it because it's a great way to think aloud without actually having to say anything aloud."

Too Scared To Grow Up.

"Growing up was a trap! I thought it would be fun. WHAT ON EARTH WAS I EVEN THINKING?"

An Open Letter To The Bookworms.

"You're an amazing person who has lived several lives, traveled to millions of places, met so many different people, battled Dragons, and practiced Witchcraft!"

‘Internet’ Buddies.

"I now literally owe six of my friends to Harry Potter, and I'm not even joking about it."

Say It Before It’s Too Late.

"Why is it that we forget to express ourselves in front of the ones who matter the most?"

It’s Alright If Things Ain’t Your Way.

"Not everything goes as per your plan, honey. Every other second, every other breath is so unpredictable."

Holding On And Letting Go.

"There are times when you have to put yourself first. Please understand that. It doesn't make you selfish."

Ignore For Attention?

"Does that make any sense to you? No? Me neither."

Take Your Mind Off Of It.

"Your brain already has too much to think about and obsess over- do you really want stress to join the party, too?"

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