The Letters Unsent.

"Nothing ever seems good enough, though. I really wish I had the right words."


Press Pause.

"You'll see things from a much different perspective..."

Battle Scars.

"It's like people WANT us to feel uncomfortable for having scars on our skin."

It Begins With You.

"Embrace that tiny bit of the Universe inside you..."

Through Thicc & Thin.

"The pressure for perfection is too real, people."

Find Your Pace.

"It's completely fine if you need a little more time to figure what you want to do in your life."

One Of These Days.

"I'm done pretending to care."

An Open Letter To Parents Everywhere.

"How do you expect me to learn if I don't make a few mistakes along the way?"

Life Update.

"There was just so much happening that I didn't have the time to actually think of anything."

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